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Portable Oxygen Generation System (POGS)

TGA approved, FDA approved, CE certified, self contained, man portable, USP 93% oxygen system designed to deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. Several hundred POGS have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, used in the USA by FEMA, Homeland Security, and several states for disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

POGS allows you to produce oxygen to be used as a direct feed to an application, or to fill cylinders up to 2200 PSIG. Each system can be operated independently or in multiple combinations to provide unlimited Oxygen flow 24/7.

First responders can utilize the system to fill cylinders to maintain a constant supply of Oxygen. Mobile field hospitals can use the system as a direct feed to a medical application, use the medical air to operate equipment and also have the ability to fill cylinders. Emergency Preparedness Teams can now quickly deploy and start producing Oxygen for continuous use in any disaster without delays due to a compromised infrastructure or the need for other heavy equipment to unload the Oxygen system or deliver Liquid Oxygen.

Oxygen when you need it, where you need it.

  • TGA approved medical device in Australia.
  • FDA approved Class II medical device.
  • CE certified Class IIa medical device.
  • Generates 33LPM of USP 93% oxygen.
  • Generates 30LPM of medical air to operate anesthesia equipment and ventilators.
  • Used for direct O2-to-patient, cylinder filling station, or both.
  • Fills C, D, E and G size cylinders to 2200 PSIG.
  • Man portable, compact, reliable, completely self-contained.
  • Includes O2 analyzer and CO/dew point monitor.
  • Backup system for supreme reliability.

On Site Gas Systems in Australia now has the POGS 33 available for delivery and offers a range of cylinders for sale and rental.  On Site Gas Systems offers in house preventative maintenance services on the complete POGS 33 package to give you peace of mind and total confidence that your systems are ready to go when you are called upon.

Nitrogen Generators

Australia’s Leaders in Nitrogen Generators for Every Application

On Site Gas Systems have a range of products suited for use across hundreds of applications and for business of all sizes. The nitrogen generators we have for sale are custom built for each application to meet the user’s exact purity, pressure and flow requirements. Follow your industry category above to learn more about how the systems can help you and your application.

On site technology for your application

On site nitrogen generation by way of non-cryogenic air separation can be achieved using two methods – PSA generation and membrane generation.

The systems we have for sale offer both air separation technologies so you can be sure you will get best recommendation for your application.

  • Membrane
    • With almost no moving parts, membrane based models are an ultra-reliable means to produce the gas on site. These systems are particularly well suited to applications that require less than 98% purity, portability, or both.

  • PSA (pressure swing adsorption)
    • PSA systems are well suited for applications where it is expected to be in a fixed location or purity requirements are high. PSA technology can reliably generate nitrogen up to 99.9995% and are more efficient at higher purities than membranes are.

Typical industrial applications requiring on site nitrogen

  • Oil, gas and coal
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Tank inerting
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Laser cutting
  • Laboratory
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Coffee
  • Wineries
  • Heat treating

And many more.

Benefits of on site generators

Having a system on site offers a reliable, on-demand stream to your process while offering significant cost savings and fast return on investment. It is the most cost effective means of gas supply available - it can be generated for as low as 3c per m3 – that can be up to a 90% cost saving compared to out-sourced supplies.

Get in touch to find out more

Payback on equipment is typically less than 18 months so if you are looking for a more convenient, and more cost effective supply, call us today and find out how we can help you. Pick up the phone and speak to our staff by dialling 1300 953 699 for an obligation-free discussion.

Oxygen Generators

Australia’s Leading Range of Oxygen Gas Generators

On Site Gas provides cost-efficient and convenient gas delivery solutions across a wide variety of industries. Our systems deliver significant cost savings, provide fast payback and offer the ultimate in convenience. You will have a never-ending, on demand supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require.

Oxygen generators are ideally suited to medical applications such as hospitals and veterinary hospitals, portable military and disaster relief applications, and mining. They improve the efficiency of any process that requires additional levels of oxygen to support combustion, laboratories, glass blowing and more.

Medical, portable, and industrial oxygen solutions for every application

On Site Gas Systems have a wide range of generators suitable for medical and industrial applications, from skid mounted turn-key packages to portable systems. Many businesses rely on being able to generate their own oxygen, so let On Site Gas Systems design and build you a system to suit your exact needs.

Certified safe oxygen generators

Our systems are CE marked, FDA approved, our portable systems are TGA approved for use in Australia and our packages for medical air meet requirements for breathing air of the European Pharmacopeia. Whether you require oxygen generators for medical, industrial, or any other purpose, we have the range to suit.

Experience and expertise to provide the ideal system

Our team of experts has many years of experience working with on-site gas generation. We have specialist knowledge that enables us to give every one of our customers the highest level of service and accurate information and we are committed to total customer satisfaction with each and every product and service offering.

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Discover more about how we can help with all your requirements by getting touch today. Call us on 1300 953 699 and speak with our staff, they will be happy to discuss your requirements and help tailor a solution to meet your needs.



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