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Containerised nitrogen generators | Fixed nitrogen generators | Portable nitrogen generators | Tracer gas generators

Containerised nitrogen generators:

Typically used in oil, gas and coal applications, for plant shutdowns, commissioning, pipeline purging, goaf inerting, seal ups, or general applications that require large volume or high pressure nitrogen delivery.

These systems are designed and built in Sydney, are available in containerised 10 foot and 20 foot formats, come optionally DNV certified for offshore lifting, CE marked, zone 2 hazardous area rated (IEC or ATEX), can operate up to 350PSI and can deliver flow rates of up to 4000cfm from a single unit.

NM2000-HPSystems are membrane based, have a purity output range between 95% – 99.9% (user adjustable), are totally automated and can be fitted with full remote monitoring and control capability.

On Site Gas Systems specialize in built to order units for customers wishing to purchase outright or enter leasing agreements however have units available for immediate rental for any duration from our Sydney facility.  Rental systems can be dry hired, hired with operators or supplied with technicians for startup, training and handover.


Fixed nitrogen generators:

For oil, gas and mining applications where the project specifications are rigid and complex, On Site Gas Systems custom designs and builds a system either based on PSA or Membrane technology depending on the application and customer requirements.

Systems can be supplied as the nitrogen generation side only or complete with primary compression as part of the package. Either way, On Site Gas Systems can build to the most demanding mechanical specifications and control and DCS integration requirements.

PSA based systems are born out of a standard design with required changes and additions to the layout, material or control then applied.  Design, packaging and integration is carried out in Australia.

Membrane systems are design and manufactured from the ground up in our Australian facility.


Portable trailer based nitrogen generators:

NM200 in fieldIdeal for smaller inerting or purging jobs or where ultra portability is required, On Site Gas Systems design and manufacture a range of trailer based, membrane nitrogen generation systems in Australia.

Trailer format is a 9ft x 6ft box trailer with on board desiccant air dryers and all required air preparation.  Systems are highway towable by a ute, are capable of delivering up to 300cfm nitrogen at 95% at discharge pressures of 175 PSI and require less than 1 amp, 240V to run.  Units are plug and play and can be pumping nitrogen within 15 mintues from arrival to site.

On Site Gas Systems custom build trailer based systems to order, including primary and post compression where requested, achieving any flow and purity required with discharge pressures up to 5000 PSI.


Tracer gas generators:

On Site Gas Systems pioneered fully automated and user selectable tracer gas generators in Australia that allowed the operator to program the injection gas (Hydrogen or Helium) to achieve an exact ratio in Nitrogen as desired for rapid leak detection and testing.

On Site Gas Systems have now moved the tracer gas concept one step further forward. Utilising ground breaking design, technology and control systems, we are now the only company able to offer true mobility with increased operator and plant safety features all housed in a small trailer based package.  The systems still offer fully selectable and totally automated injection of Hydrogen or Helium into a stream of on board generated nitrogen.  The new systems can be transported using only a light vehicle so offer plant and pipeline owners and service contractors faster deployment and de-mobilisation times, shorter turnarounds on projects and therefore significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Systems are built to order however On Site Gas Systems also have several systems in our fleet available for rental. Rental systems can be dry hired, hired with operators or supplied with technicians for startup, training and handover.




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