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Specialist suppliers of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators

On Site Gas Systems are an Australian owed company that specializes in the design and manufacture of packaged nitrogen generation and oxygen generation systems. We locally design and build nitrogen gas generators for severe service in oil, gas, mining, utilities and related industries as well as package more complex turnkey nitrogen or oxygen systems out of our Sydney facility.

We are partnered with OSGS Inc, a USA manufacturer that are pioneers in oxygen and nitrogen generator technology and we distribute their oxygen generation and nitrogen generation technology across Australia for general industrial applications. Through our local manufacturing and partnership with ON Site Gas Systems in the USA, we cover a wide range of industries from oil, gas and mining to food and beverage processing and packaging, to laser cutting, chemical, electronics manufacturing, laboratories, veterinary and many other general industrial applications.

Our product focus extends to desiccant air dryers, gas detection and gas analysers and nitrogen and oxygen cylinder filling systems.

Our systems can be customized to suit your exact application and requirements all whilst saving you money, just ask us how.

Quality on site gas generation systems you can rely on

We have systems in use by most major oil and gas operators, tier one contracting and mechanical service companies both on and offshore as well as systems with premier coal miners. Our general industrial nitrogen generators, industrial oxygen and medical oxygen generators are operating in mission critical applications for processes for which most of us rely on a daily basis – from food and beverage such as wine and coffee production and packaging, dairy and powdered products that you see on your supermarket shelf to major hospitals in most capital cities in Australia.

Our industrial nitrogen and oxygen generators have over 30 years manufacturing history and development behind them and can be found operating in over 100 countries around the world. Our business including local design and manufacturing is ISO9001 and AS4801 certified so you can be comfortable that you are talking to the experts in the field that are committed to delivering quality product and service.

Big savings, fast return on investment

If you want save money then it is hard to look past on site nitrogen generation or on site oxygen generation. With costs to generate gas as low as 3c per cubic meter of nitrogen, our industrial systems will save you up to 90% on your current gas costs. Based on experience, we usually see paybacks in less than 2 years, so if you need to save money then call us and find out more. Your only question should be why you did not look into this years ago.

Contact the team today

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional service and producing the highest quality systems that represent outstanding value for money. Our technology delivers low-cost long-term and reliable solutions for businesses. Discover more about how we can help your business and get in touch today by calling 1300 953 699. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the ideal system for your requirements.


    Providing PSA Nitrogen Generators, Membrane Nitrogen Generators & PSA Oxygen Generators

    With our comprehensive range of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators we can provide you a total solution for your nitrogen or oxygen needs. Our on site nitrogen generators come in two forms – PSA nitrogen generators, and Membrane nitrogen generators.  On Site Gas Systems offer both alternatives so you can be assured the right nitrogen generation technology is selected for your specific application. Unlike nitrogen generators, on site oxygen generation is only reliably achieved using a PSA Oxygen generator. On Site Gas Systems also offer unique tracer gas generators, engineered primarily for use in the oil, gas, and pipeline industries. Our nitrogen generators and oxygen generators are suitable for use in a myriad of industries and applications so let us design you a system and start saving you money today. To compliment our range of oxygen generators and nitrogen generators, we also offer a range of market leading inerting control systems for tank blanketing operations, gas detection and gas analysing systems and gas mixing equipment. Equipment offered is based around one outcome – delivering substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies for your business, and in the case of our gas detection line – increased operational safety. With On Site Gas Systems, right from the outset, you get a thorough and accurate needs assessment and a detailed return on investment analysis on the right equipment for the job. So no matter what your application, if you use nitrogen or oxygen gas we have a solution for you.