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Gas Generation Systems
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In Australia, there are those who possess extensive knowledge in gas generation systems technology while others may have limited understanding. However, since nitrogen gas generators and oxygen generation systems is our area of expertise, we are eager to assist you regardless of your level of comprehension.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below, but we understand that your specific application may require unique inquiries. In this case, reach out to us, and our gas generators expert will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Simply put – to save money! For an industrial application your cost of gas can be as low as a few cents per m3 of gas produced (and that includes the power to run the systems). A typical payback period will be under 2 years.

In some cases, location is the driving factor as it is simply not feasible to get the amount of gas required shipped in to site, or get any gas at all. For some customers or of ours, security or logistics of gas supply or safety of not having to handle cylinders are driving factors as much as the cost savings.

For the nitrogen or oxygen generator alone the maintenance cost is generally just the cost of replacement line filters and an oxygen sensor (typically annually). The costs of the consumable spares vary by the size of the system but starts from just a few hundred dollars a year.

A nitrogen generator typically consists of feed air compressors, air treatment, a nitrogen generator and in industrial applications, a nitrogen buffer tank.

On Site Gas Systems can supply just the nitrogen piece or a full turnkey system depending on your circumstances and requirements. We work with you to define your exact needs and size and price a system to suit.

Yes, in some respects all of our systems are custom built even though many have a common base design. We will work with you to establish your exact flow, purity and pressure and present a solution tailored to you circumstances.

Yes. We have several hundred items across more than 80 unique parts in stock.

Yes. On Site Gas Systems offer installation services.

As each installation and site is unique we will work through this with you to detail it out.

We offer a full installation service which includes installation and connection of your system and all associated components right from compressor to the valve at your point of use and every part of the system in between. We however also understand that many customers have staff that are more than capable of setting up one of our systems themselves so if you would prefer, we can arrange to have one of our staff on-site to assist with and manage this process. Should you wish to carry out installation yourself, installation and operation manuals are supplied with our systems.

For the most part, the systems are plug and play system and as such do not require specialized skills other than compressed air piping experience and basic compressed gas safety knowledge, however it is advised that an On Site technician at least be present at final connection and for start up.

Our PSA systems are pre-commissioned so are ready to run right out of the box. Our locally built membrane based systems or packaged turn-key systems are built in our Sydney Australia facility and as such undergo full FAT in Sydney that can be customer witnessed. Larger systems sometimes undergo SAT (site acceptance testing) instead of FAT (factory acceptance testing) simply due to the size and complexity of the equipment. In all cases, our field service technicians carry out this work in conjunction with our engineering team. Our team are ready to provide on-site start up support when ever you need it.

On Site Gas Systems offer a full service programs to offer complete peace of mind. Under these programs, our field service technicians will carry out scheduled servicing to the generator to ensure long life and integrity of the system and components. A typical service will include parts, labour, calibration and a comprehensive system check and post service report. On Site Gas offers optional 24/7 support services for around the clock technical support, as well as being able to mobilise to site if required out of normal hours.

If you wish to carry out basic maintenance tasks in house, On Site Gas can supply the consumable spare parts required. For the most part, service is simple so can be carried out with basic training.

On Site Gas Systems offers full operator and maintainer training consisting of both class room based and field based training. Training is conducted by our field service technicians who have all undergone presentation and training courses to ensure suitable delivery of the content.

We offer a range of flexible payment options. Please get in touch and we can help find the right payment method for you.

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