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Portable Oxygen Generation System (POGS)

TGA approved, FDA approved, CE certified, self contained, man portable, USP 93% oxygen system designed to deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. Several hundred POGS have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, used in the USA by FEMA, Homeland Security, and several states for disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

POGS allows you to produce oxygen to be used as a direct feed to an application, or to fill cylinders up to 2200 PSIG. Each system can be operated independently or in multiple combinations to provide unlimited Oxygen flow 24/7.

First responders can utilize the system to fill cylinders to maintain a constant supply of Oxygen. Mobile field hospitals can use the system as a direct feed to a medical application, use the medical air to operate equipment and also have the ability to fill cylinders. Emergency Preparedness Teams can now quickly deploy and start producing Oxygen for continuous use in any disaster without delays due to a compromised infrastructure or the need for other heavy equipment to unload the Oxygen system or deliver Liquid Oxygen.

Oxygen when you need it, where you need it.

  • TGA approved medical device in Australia.
  • FDA approved Class II medical device.
  • CE certified Class IIa medical device.
  • Generates 33LPM of USP 93% oxygen.
  • Generates 30LPM of medical air to operate anesthesia equipment and ventilators.
  • Used for direct O2-to-patient, cylinder filling station, or both.
  • Fills C, D, E and G size cylinders to 2200 PSIG.
  • Man portable, compact, reliable, completely self-contained.
  • Includes O2 analyzer and CO/dew point monitor.
  • Backup system for supreme reliability.

On Site Gas Systems in Australia now has the POGS 33 available for delivery and offers a range of cylinders for sale and rental.  On Site Gas Systems offers in house preventative maintenance services on the complete POGS 33 package to give you peace of mind and total confidence that your systems are ready to go when you are called upon.

Oxygen Systems/Generators – Industrial

On site oxygen generation is the most cost efficient and convenient form of oxygen gas delivery.  Some of the benefits on site oxygen generation offers is that it eliminates your risk of running out of gas, cuts your exposure to gas price increases and it delivers you the ultimate in convenience – a never ending supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require, on site, on demand.



ON Site Gas Systems oxygen systems/generators come in various purity set points and are available in a wide range of flow rates to match almost any application.  With each system custom built to your specific requirements, we guarantee the correct flow, purity and pressure.

Oxygen systems/generators are available in 90% O2 purity, 93% O2 purity, 95% O2 purity and 99% O2 purity. It is important to know that oxygen purity with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology will not naturally degrade so you can assured of consistency in product purity for the life of the system.


General oxygen generator system capabilities:

Purities: 90%, 93%, 95% and 99%
Flow: 1m3/hr – 100m3/hr from a single system
Pressure:  Low pressure: up to 3.5 bar, high pressure: up to 150 bar

All systems come standard with an integrated touch screen for precision operation and monitoring. The touch screen provides general operating controls as well as an inbuilt oxygen analyser for real time purity monitoring to % O2 level.

Incidents involving flammable processes claim lives, damage equipment, halt production, and cost companies millions of dollars each year. Ntron Process Inerting Control Systems can help manufacturers avoid these losses.

The Neutronics ICS controls Oxygen on the basis of a real-time measurement, making it the only direct-measurement method available for preventing process flash fires and explosions.

By continuously measuring oxygen levels and adding inert gas to the process only when necessary, Ntron ICS increases safety margins while reducing waste venting of Nitrogen and solvents. The savings can be significant. Ntron ICS uses up to 60% less inert gas than continuous flow, timed-volume, and pressurization inerting techniques.

Often when a chemical process is purged with inert gas, large amounts of VOCs are vented, which drives up the cost of scrubbing or incinerating the waste gas, as required by the EPA. By purging as needed only, the Ntron ICS reduces VOC emissions.
Ntron offers complete stand-alone and transmitter-based systems for controlling inert gas purging.

Components of the Ntron ICS System

Three basic components are included in every Ntron Inerting Control System: The Sensor, The Sampler, and the Analyzer.

1. The Sensor

The effectiveness of the ICS system depends on the reliability of the sensors. For over 25 years, Ntron Oxygen sensor technology has proven itself in demanding chemical processing applications. Tens of thousands of Ntron zero-maintenance, disposable electrochemical sensors are in operation today in plants around the world.

2. The Sampler

The key to reliable process gas monitoring is having a sample free of contaminates that can destroy your sensor. Ntron Inert Gas Control Systems utilize proprietary Process Sample Conditioning Packages to ensure that Gas Analysis results remain consistently correct over long operation intervals.

3. The Analyzer

Ntron Inert Gas Control Analyzers automatically control Oxygen in the process environment to enable safe, consistent manufacturing operations. Ntron Analyzers advanced features such as system diagnostics and custom displays make the Inert Gas Control System the most useful and effective measure available for process flash-fire and explosion prevention

When your application calls for high pressure gas, you simply have a process that requires heavy draws for short periods of time or you require storage, a cylinder filling station could be the right solution for you.  On Site Gas Systems supplies gas filling stations as optional packages with both nitrogen generators and oxygen generators and straight compressed air filling stations if needed.

For oxygen and nitrogen cylinder filling we size the correct nitrogen generator or oxygen generator for your needs, balance this against a cylinder filling compressor and then supply you with the required amount of high pressure cylinders all connected to form a storage bank sized for your needs.  We have various gas bottle sizes and pressure rated cylinders to choose from and will help you to select the one that best suits your needs.

The filling systems are totally automated and can either be static systems where gas bottles refills are permanently manifolded into the system or a traditional cylinder filling station where cylinders are manually loaded for filling to then be located to the point of use.

We can achieve pressures of up to 350 bar with our nitrogen or air filling systems and up to 200 bar with our oxygen filing systems.  On Site Gas will work with you to design the right system for you and will supply all the requried components and take care of the installation.  Our technicians are all qualified tube benders and trained in high pressure gas applications.


Coal mine inertisation:

These systems are locally designed and built at the OSGS plant in Sydney.  They are designed to the meet the specific requirements of each site and typically are large format packages that operate unattended with remote monitoring and control.

Systems are membrane based, have a user adjustable output purity range between 95% – 99%  (typically set to either 95% or 97%), are totally automated and come fitted with full remote monitoring and control capability.  


On Site Gas Systems specialize in built to order units for mine sites wishing to purchase outright or enter leasing agreements.

Containerised nitrogen generators:

coal mine nitrogen generator

Typically used in oil, gas, and coal applications, for plant shutdowns, commissioning, pipeline purging, goaf inerting, seal ups, or general applications that require large volume or high-pressure nitrogen delivery.

These systems are designed and built in Sydney, are available in containerized 10 foot and 20-foot formats, come optionally DNV certified for offshore lifting, CE marked, zone 2 hazardous area rated (IEC or ATEX), can operate up to 350PSI and can deliver flow rates of up to 4000cfm from a single unit.

NM2000-HPSystems are membrane based, have a purity output range between 95% – 99.9% (user adjustable), are totally automated and can be fitted with full remote monitoring and control capability.

On-Site Gas Systems specialize inbuilt to order units for customers wishing to purchase outright or enter leasing agreements.


Fixed nitrogen generators:

on site nitrogen generation

For oil, gas and mining applications where the project specifications are rigid and complex, On Site Gas Systems custom designs and builds a system either based on PSA or Membrane technology depending on the application and customer requirements.

Systems can be supplied as the nitrogen generation side only or complete with primary compression as part of the package. Either way, On Site Gas Systems can build to the most demanding mechanical specifications and control and DCS integration requirements.

PSA based systems are born out of a standard design with required changes and additions to the layout, material or control then applied.  Design, packaging and integration is carried out in Australia.

Membrane systems are design and manufactured from the ground up in our Australian facility.


Portable trailer based nitrogen generators:

NM200 in fieldIdeal for smaller inerting or purging jobs or where ultra-portability is required, On Site Gas Systems design and manufacture a range of trailer-based, membrane nitrogen generation systems in Australia.

Trailer format is a 9ft x 6ft box trailer with onboard desiccant air dryers and all required air preparation.  Systems are highway towable by a ute, are capable of delivering up to 300cfm nitrogen at 95% at discharge pressures of 175 PSI, and require less than 1 amp, 240V to run.  Units are plug and play and can be pumping nitrogen within 15 minutes from arrival to site.

On-Site Gas Systems custom build trailer-based systems to order, including primary and post-compression where requested, achieving any flow and purity required with discharge pressures up to 5000 PSI.


Tracer gas generators:

On Site Gas Systems pioneered fully automated and user-selectable tracer gas generators in Australia that allowed the operator to program the injection gas (Hydrogen or Helium) to achieve an exact ratio in Nitrogen as desired for rapid leak detection and testing.

On Site Gas Systems have now moved the tracer gas concept one step further forward. Utilising ground breaking design, technology and control systems, we are now the only company able to offer true mobility with increased operator and plant safety features all housed in a small trailer based package.  The systems still offer a fully selectable and totally automated injection of Hydrogen or Helium into a stream of on board generated nitrogen.  The new systems can be transported using only a light vehicle so offer plant and pipeline owners and service contractors faster deployment and de-mobilisation times, shorter turnarounds on projects and therefore significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Systems are built to order however On Site Gas Systems also have several systems in our fleet available for rental. Rental systems can be dry hired, hired with operators, or supplied with technicians for startup, training, and handover.


Industrial Nitrogen Generators

On site nitrogen generation is the most economic and one of the most reliable forms of nitrogen gas delivery available.  First and foremost, on site nitrogen generation offers you huge savings compared to traditional gas supplies with gas costing as little as 3c per cubic meter.  Generation will also deliver you the ultimate in convenience – a never ending supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require, on site, on demand.

Also, simply by switching to a nitrogen gas generator, you eliminate your risk of running out of gas, cut your exposure to gas price increases and free yourself from lock in gas contracts.

On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generators are available in a wide range of purities and flow rates to match almost any application and with each system custom built to your specific requirements, we guarantee to deliver the correct flow, purity and pressure as specified by you.

Nitrogen generators are available at purities ranging from 95% through to 99.9995% with every step in between.  It is important to know that nitrogen purity with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology will not naturally degrade over time so you can assured of consistent gas quality for the life of the system.

On Site Gas Systems commercial division is typically focused around PSA technology however we do offer membrane technology when the application calls for it.


General nitrogen generator system capabilities:

Purity: 95% – 99.9995%

Flow: <1m3/hr – 2000m3/hr from a single system

Low pressure: up to 9 bar

High pressure: up to 350 bar

All systems come as standard with an integrated touch screen for system operation and monitoring. The touch screen provides general operating controls, alarms and maintenance messages as well as an integrated oxygen analyser for real time purity monitoring down to PPM level if required.

Controls as standard operate the nitrogen generator only however On Site Gas Systems have the capability to also control compressors to enable simplified operation as a complete system.

Systems can be programmed and configured for remote monitoring and control if required and complete integration into plant DCS.