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PRODUCT Gas mixers

Modified atmosphere packaging for food and beverage is an application that is perfectly suited to nitrogen generation so given this ideal fit we have paired our generators with WittGas brand gas blenders to enable us to deliver you a turn-key MAP gas solution.  We simply generate a stream of nitrogen with one of our nitrogen generators, feed this flow of nitrogen to the gas blender, feed the blender with a source of Co2 (which we can assist in sourcing for you if required) and the blender delivers a precise mixture of Co2 in N2 according to your requirements right to your process.  The mixer comes fully adjustable so you can simply adjust mixture with a control knob with % scale for infinitely variable mixtures.

Blender features and benefits:

  • High mixing accuracy
  • Easily adjustable mixture to cater for changing requirements
  • Avoids need for multiple and expensive pre-mixed gasses
  • Maintenance free
  • No requirement for tank down stream of the blender




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