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19 Mar 2015
Nitrogen Generator System

Industrial Oxygen Generators

Oxygen Systems/Generators – Industrial

On site oxygen generation is the most cost efficient and convenient form of oxygen gas delivery.  Some of the benefits on site oxygen generation offers is that it eliminates your risk of running out of gas, cuts your exposure to gas price increases and it delivers you the ultimate in convenience – a never ending supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require, on site, on demand.



ON Site Gas Systems oxygen systems/generators come in various purity set points and are available in a wide range of flow rates to match almost any application.  With each system custom built to your specific requirements, we guarantee the correct flow, purity and pressure.

Oxygen systems/generators are available in 90% O2 purity, 93% O2 purity, 95% O2 purity and 99% O2 purity. It is important to know that oxygen purity with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology will not naturally degrade so you can assured of consistency in product purity for the life of the system.


General oxygen generator system capabilities:

Purities: 90%, 93%, 95% and 99%
Flow: 1m3/hr – 100m3/hr from a single system
Pressure:  Low pressure: up to 3.5 bar, high pressure: up to 150 bar

All systems come standard with an integrated touch screen for precision operation and monitoring. The touch screen provides general operating controls as well as an inbuilt oxygen analyser for real time purity monitoring to % O2 level.


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