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19 Mar 2015
Medical Oxygen Generator Machine


Portable Oxygen Generation System (POGS)

TGA approved, FDA approved, CE certified, self contained, man portable, USP 93% oxygen system designed to deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. Several hundred POGS have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, used in the USA by FEMA, Homeland Security, and several states for disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

POGS allows you to produce oxygen to be used as a direct feed to an application, or to fill cylinders up to 2200 PSIG. Each system can be operated independently or in multiple combinations to provide unlimited Oxygen flow 24/7.

First responders can utilize the system to fill cylinders to maintain a constant supply of Oxygen. Mobile field hospitals can use the system as a direct feed to a medical application, use the medical air to operate equipment and also have the ability to fill cylinders. Emergency Preparedness Teams can now quickly deploy and start producing Oxygen for continuous use in any disaster without delays due to a compromised infrastructure or the need for other heavy equipment to unload the Oxygen system or deliver Liquid Oxygen.

Oxygen when you need it, where you need it.

  • TGA approved medical device in Australia.
  • FDA approved Class II medical device.
  • CE certified Class IIa medical device.
  • Generates 33LPM of USP 93% oxygen.
  • Generates 30LPM of medical air to operate anesthesia equipment and ventilators.
  • Used for direct O2-to-patient, cylinder filling station, or both.
  • Fills C, D, E and G size cylinders to 2200 PSIG.
  • Man portable, compact, reliable, completely self-contained.
  • Includes O2 analyzer and CO/dew point monitor.
  • Backup system for supreme reliability.

On Site Gas Systems in Australia now has the POGS 33 available for delivery and offers a range of cylinders for sale and rental.  On Site Gas Systems offers in house preventative maintenance services on the complete POGS 33 package to give you peace of mind and total confidence that your systems are ready to go when you are called upon.


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