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19 Mar 2015


Portable Oxygen Generation System (POGS) TGA approved, FDA approved, CE certified, self contained, man portable, USP 93%...

19 Mar 2015

Industrial Oxygen Generators

Oxygen Systems/Generators – Industrial On site oxygen generation is the most cost efficient and conven...

19 Mar 2015

Cylinder Filling Stations

When your application calls for high pressure gas, you simply have a process that requires heavy draws for short periods of time or you require storage, a cylinder fi...

19 Mar 2015

Oil Gas and Coal

COAL MINE NITROGEN GENERATORS & ON SITE NITROGEN GENERATION Coal mine inertisation: These systems are locally designed and built at the OSGS plant in Sydney.  They a...

19 Mar 2015

Industrial Nitrogen Generation

Industrial Nitrogen Generators On site nitrogen generation is the most economic and one of the most re...

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