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Nitrogen Generator
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On Site Nitrogen Generators
for Oil & Gas Plants

Uses of nitrogen off-shore

Gas plants, off-shore oil and gas platforms and the like have several common usages for nitrogen – mostly centred around safety however nitrogen is also used for pressure testing, pigging, leak testing and drying.

Nitrogen is commonly used at 95% however in many cases can be higher than 99%. Pressure in this field is often higher as are required flows so for this reason, On Site Gas Systems have a range of specially designed high flow and high-pressure mobile trailer mounted and containerised nitrogen generators and have been present on almost all major oil and gas plants around Australia since 2010.

On Site Nitrogen Generation

The On Site Gas Systems Difference

Our nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen between 95% – 99%, at a pressure of up to 350 PSI and flows of up to 4000 cfm from a single 20 ft container. Containers are DNV certified for offshore use.

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Our Process

We are specialist suppliers of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators. We offer leasing and rental options so please get in touch to see how we can tailor a system to suit your requirements.

Project consultation

An initial step to determine how we can be of assistance to your project.

Design & Build

On Site Gas Systems are designed and built right here in Australia.

Installation & Commissioning

We offer full installation services as well as required training.


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On-site nitrogen generation gives you more control over your production processes, with a guaranteed supply, no wait time, and reduced wastage. It also removes the need for ongoing costs of equipment rental, re-supply ordering, and delivery charges. 

10ft and 20ft containerised nitrogen generators are our most popular systems for this industry both available for sale and rental.

Generator costs vary. We work with you to properly size the system to meet your purity, flow rate, and pressure requirements. Once this is done, we can make a formal price quote, and calculate your payback time (which you might find to be surprisingly fast). Please get in contact with us and we can provide you with a personalised quote.