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Medical Oxygen & Air

For the ultimate in cost savings and convenience on your medical oxygen and medical air requirements, let On Site Gas Systems design and implement a complete on site generation system for you. We have the capability to offer both medical air and medical oxygen packages or just medical oxygen packages to suit all requirements.

Medical air is provided at a pressure up to 1100kPa and is to the quality of air stipulated by the European Pharmacopoeia.

On site oxygen generation is the most cost efficient and convenient form of oxygen gas delivery – eliminating your risk of running out of gas, cutting your exposure to gas price increases and delivering you the ultimate in convenience – a never ending supply of gas at the purity, pressure and flow you require, on site, on demand.

Purity requirements:  USP medical grade Oxygen (for human medical consumption) in the USA has been classed as 93% +/- 3%.  Our systems come in either USP93 (93% +/- 3%), fixed 93%, fixed 95% or even fixed 99% purity so there is a system that will suit your requirement.

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Compact & Efficient

Our systems are compact, come with an integrated oxygen analyser to provide constant monitoring of oxygen purity output and are available with a fail over system to cylinder air and oxygen to offer you 100% back up and total peace of mind.

Oxygen flows start from as littel as 18 LPM with a generator footprint as small as 31cm W x 38cm D x 132cm H so our oxygen generators will fit into the most crowed of facilities.

Systems come with an optional purpose built On Site Gas Systems Medical Gas Alarm Panel which is typically remote mounted inside your ICU or operating theatre.  The alarm panel will indicate if the generated oxygen purity or pressure or medical air pressure falls below your desired set point.

From the company that has FDA approval on portable oxygen generation systems and thousands of systems deployed with the US military for human consumption, you can go no better than an ON Site Gas Systems oxygen generator for your hospital gas needs.

All systems come standard with an integrated touch screen for precision operation and monitoring. The touch screen provides general operating controls as well as an inbuilt oxygen analyser for real time purity monitoring to % O2 level

Our Process

We are specialist suppliers of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators. We offer leasing and rental options so please get in touch to see how we can tailor a system to suit your requirements.

Project consultation

An initial step to determine how we can be of assistance to your project.

Design & Build

On Site Gas Systems are designed and built right here in Australia.

Installation & Commissioning

We offer full installation services as well as required training.


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On-site oxygen generation within Veterinary facilities allows for oxygen supply to be available quickly and efficiently, disposing of any risks to the animal. These generators are used to stabilize animals both during and after surgical procedures. Maintaining a generator allows vets to avoid a supply shortage on account of oxygen cylinders and significantly reduces costs. Oxygen generation also eliminates the need for monitoring oxygen tank levels, which can be tedious and put the animal at risk if not tracked regularly.

Our PSA technology is used in medical oxygen generation to produce a reliable source of medical-grade oxygen.

Generator costs vary. We work with you to properly size the system to meet your purity, flow rate, and pressure requirements. Once this is done, we can make a formal price quote, and calculate your payback time, which is often less than 25 months. Please get in contact with us and we can provide you with a personalised quote.