200 CFM Nitrogen Trailer



Project Type:

Nitrogen Generator



Delivery Capacity:

300 CFM


150 PSI



Further Details:

In early 2021, OSGS built another one of our popular NM200FF trailer mounted portable nitrogen generators for the delivery to Santos.  The trailer is capable of delivering approx. 300 CFM nitrogen at 95% up to 150 PSI.

The packages were designed and built by On Site Gas Systems in Sydney in early 2021.

This unit is our new generation of NM200 where we have moved to the use of membrane air dryers in place of our desiccant dryers to achieve less moving part and greater reliability and with les maintenance;

  • OSGS nitrogen generator housed in a 9ft box trailer (towable by a Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger or similar).  The box trailer consisted of;
    • 8 x membrane air dryers
    • 4 stage OSGS filtration package
    • 4 x OSGS nitrogen membrane modules
    • Instrumentation such as flow meters, pressure and temperature transmitters, oxygen sensor and dew point monitor


The trailer was road registered and came complete with trailer braking system and brake away braking system along with off-road suspension, 4wd tyres and rims and is now integrated into an alloy frame for added weight savings.

The nitrogen trailer is designed to take a feed or aftercooled air from any portable compressor.  The trailer treats and filters the air to the appropriate specifications meaning from arrival on site, you can be pumping nitrogen using any available rented in compressor within 15 minutes.  The system has strong inlet condition monitoring of feed air complete with alarms and shutdowns for system and process protection, all user configurable.  The trailer operates in full automatic mode (flow or purity settings) or manual mode.