Nitrogen Truck Mounted System



Project Type:

Mounted System

Delivery Capacity:

300 CFM


150 PSI



Further Details:

DECMIL EDE, a leading oil and gas services company were searching for a supplier capable of building a highly specialised and customised nitrogen system.OSGS was commissioned to build DECMIL a truck mounted system capable of delivering approx. 300 CFM nitrogen at 95% up to 150 PSI for various projects in the Queensland coal seam gas fields.

The package was designed and built by On Site Gas Systems in Sydney in 2015.

The package consists of;

  • 1 x 200PSI diesel compressor (with ability to tie in a second compressor for higher n2 output)
  • OSGS nitrogen generator housed on the truck in a canopy consisting of;
    • 2 x OSGS modular desiccant air dryers
    • OSGS filtration package
    • OSGS nitrogen membrane modules
    • Instrumentation such as flow meters, pressure and temperature transmitters, oxygen sensor and dew point monitor


The customer free issued the actual truck for OSGS to utilise this from existing asset.