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19 Mar 2015

Percent Oxygen Portable

Model C5 – Hand held Percent Range Oxygen Analyzer with Internal Pump

The Ntron Model C-5 is a battery powered, handheld oxygen analyzer with internal pump that can quickly provide analysis of 0-25% oxygen with 0.1% resolution.  Rugged and compact enough to be carried in a briefcase or toolbox, the versatile, inexpensive C-5 is equally suited on the production floor, in research labs, or for tuning combustion processes.

The size of a “C” cell flashlight battery, the C-5 oxygen sensor is inexpensive, disposable, and unaffected by most background gases.

The unit features an integral moisture trap and line filter to protect the oxygen sensor from potential contaminants. The inexpensive, disposable oxygen sensor calibrates with ambient air and is simple to replace.  The C-5 is powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries.


Sensor:Electrochemical fuel Cell
Life: 9-16 mo.
Sensor Guarantee:6 mo. from date of shipment
Calibration Gas:Ambient Air
Calibration Period: Weekly (typical)
Measurement Range: 25% oxygen by volume
Resolution:0.1% oxygen
Display:0.4” LED
Response Time:90% of step change in less than 15 sec.
Intrinsic Error (accuracy):0.2% oxygen
Repeatability:0.1% oxygen
Sampling:Stainless steel sample probe. Integral particulate and condensate filter
Enclosure: Material: Molded High-Impact Plastic
Size: 5.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”
Weight: 1 lb. with sensor cell and batteries
Power: 4 AA alkaline dry cells; Low Battery Warning Light


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