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The Ntron Model 7100 provides an affordable and versatile Oxygen Analyser solution that’s ideal for high-purity gas manufacturing, high quality welding applications, semiconductor manufacturing applications and any other application that requires precise measurement of oxygen. The unit provides high-purity gas measurement in a range of 0 – 2,000 ppm.

A small footprint and compact size makes the Ntron 7100 easy to install. The unit’s expected operational life is five to ten years. The low-maintenance, long-life Zirconia sensor has virtually unlimited shelf life and will not dry out or freeze.

Sensor:Mini Zirconia Sensor
Measurement Range:0-10PPM/0-100PPM/0-1,000PPM/0-2,000PPM/auto range or fixed range
Display:0.75” (19.05mm) LED digital display, Color coded LEDs for system status, Alarms 1&2= RED, system fault= YELLOW, OK and online= GREEN
Response Time:<15 sec. to 90% step change @ PPM level
Intrinsic Error (accuracy):±3PPM @ 0-50PPM/±5PPM @ 51-500PPM/±5PPM @ 501-2000 PPM O2 @ STP when calibrated @ target concentration @ STP: ±1% range
Operating Temperature:5-45º C
Signal Interface:RS-232 service port, 4-20mA negative ground, 0-10VDC range ID and choice of 0-1VDC or 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC analog oxygen signal
Alarm Outputs:Two alarms with adjustable form C relay outputs. Configurable for fail-safe or fail-alarm mode, ascending or descending trip. One system fault relay. One alarm/relay for sensor heater OK.
Sample Port:1/8” NPT female ports
Electrical Connections:Removable terminal blocks on back of analyser
Power, Analyser:5W at 115/230VAC 50/60Hz, single phase or 12-30VDC (battery backup capability)
Environmental Ratings, Analyser: Faceplate: NEMA type 4, IP66
Housing: NEMA type 1, IP20
Warranty: Electronics and sensor: One yr.
Weight: Analyser: Less than 2 lb. (0.9 kg)

The Ntron Model C-5 is a battery powered, handheld oxygen analyser with internal pump that can quickly provide analysis of 0-25% oxygen with 0.1% resolution.  Rugged and compact enough to be carried in a briefcase or toolbox, the versatile, inexpensive C-5 is equally suited on the production floor, in research labs, or for tuning combustion processes.

The size of a “C” cell flashlight battery, the C-5 oxygen sensor is inexpensive, disposable, and unaffected by most background gases.

The unit features an integral moisture trap and line filter to protect the oxygen sensor from potential contaminants. The inexpensive, disposable oxygen sensor calibrates with ambient air and is simple to replace.  The C-5 is powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries.

Sensor:Electrochemical fuel Cell
Life:9-16 mo.
Sensor Guarantee:6 mo. from date of shipment
Calibration Gas:Ambient Air
Calibration Period:Weekly (typical)
Measurement Range:25% oxygen by volume
Resolution:0.1% oxygen
Display:0.4” LED
Response Time:90% of step change in less than 15 sec.
Intrinsic Error (accuracy):0.2% oxygen
Repeatability:0.1% oxygen
Sampling:Stainless steel sample probe. Integral particulate and condensate filter
Enclosure:Material: Molded High-Impact Plastic
Size: 5.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”
Weight: 1 lb. with sensor cell and batteries
Power:4 AA alkaline dry cells; Low Battery Warning Light

The Ntron Model 7100P is an affordable solution that’s ideal for spot-checking of high-purity applications.  Multiple analog and RS-232 outputs provide flexibility and the unit is ready to use after only a 2-minute warm-up.

The 7100P is provided with a pump for sampling of gas streams. The flow meter indicates the rate of the sample through the pump and into the analyser.

Sensor:Mini Zirconia Oxygen Sensor with Integral Heater
Measurement Range:0-1,000PPM Oxygen (over-range to 1500PPM)
Sample Method:Pump Drive with sample flow meter (includes internal mounted bypass check valve)
Display:0.75” LED digital display,
Resolution:XXXX.X Color coded LEDs for system status: Alarms 1&2=RED, System Fault=YELLOW, System OK & on-line=Green
Response Time:<15 sec. for 90% response due to step change in PPM Oxygen @ 1 SCFH flow
Accuracy:±3PPM @ 0-50PPM Oxygen (±1ppm with 2nd point cal near measurement point) ±5PPM at 51 500PPM Oxygen ±10PPM at 501-1,000PPM Oxygen
Operating Temperature:32º-113º F (0º-45º C)
Signal Interface: 
Serial service port:Bi-directional RS-232 Computer Communications of the following: Oxygen Concentration, Alarm Settings/Status, Fault Status
Analog Outputs:Voltage 0-1VDC or 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC +/- 0.5% @ 1K input min.
Non-isolated:4-20mA: +/- 0.5%, negative ground (loop is powered by analyser) Maximum loop impedance 500Ω.
Sample Port:1/8 inch compression tube fitting (1/8” tubing assembly included)
Warm-Up Time:Approximately 2 min. to reach thermal equilibrium with ambient temperature.
Power:9-250VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase 10W
Power Electrical Connections:2 meter power cable, ON/OFF Switch
Storage Temperature:15º to 50º C (5-122º F)
Humidity:0-95% non-condensing
Sample Flow:1.0 to 2.0 SCFH @ constant pressure
Warranty:Analyser & sensor: 12 mo. from date of shipment under normal operation
Weight:Less than 5 lb.
Mechanical:Aluminum chassis with carrying handle on top and rubber feet

Our oxygen analysers are compact analysers for percent oxygen gas measurement. Featuring a rapid response mini zirconia sensor, these analysers have a measurement range of 0 to 100% oxygen. Its high accuracy rate and single-point calibration ensure reliable performance and low maintenance. The mini zirconia sensor offers accuracy to within ±0.5% of the measurement range with a response time of just 15 seconds. Featuring a service life of two to three years, our oxygen analysers are highly durable and can be exposed to high atmospheric pressures with no impact on performance. The sensor is also unaffected by dry atmospheres or extremely cold temperatures.