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On Site nitrogen generators

On site nitrogen gas generation is the most cost-effective and reliable method of nitrogen supply. At On Site Gas Systems, we offer a wide range of nitrogen gas generators that can match almost any application, customised to your specific requirements. Whether your require nitrogen membrane technology or pressure swing adsorption (PSA), our generators offer purities ranging from 95% to an impressive 99.9995%.

By switching to an on site nitrogen gas generator, you eliminate the risk of running out of gas, reduce your exposure to price increases, and free yourself from being locked into contracts by the traditional gas supply companies.

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Nitrogen Gas Generator - Oil & Gas And Coal Mining

Switch to on-site nitrogen

For remote applications such as oil & gas plants and coal mining, Membrane technology  is the ideal choice, but in certain circumstances, the PSA technology is recommended.

On site membrane nitrogen gas generators provide a continuous supply of nitrogen, ensuring a reliable source for various applications such as purging, blanketing, and maintaining an inert atmosphere. 

As Australia’s leading provider of customised nitrogen gas generation solutions for the oil & gas and coal mining applications, membrane technology is typically the choice however we can offer both pressure swing absorption and membrane technology if it is the right fit for the application.



Nitrogen Generator - Industrial Applications​

Food & Beverage, Metal Laser Cutting, Chemical, LABORATORY and more

For industrial applications such as food and beverage,  metal laser cutting, and laboratories, PSA technology is the ideal choice. 

It offers significant savings compared to traditional gas supplies, and can cost less than 10c  per cubic meter. With an on site nitrogen generator, you have a continuous supply of nitrogen gas available at the purity, pressure, and flow rate you require  on demand.

With our PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, the nitrogen purity will remain consistent over time, ensuring high-quality gas for the system’s entire lifespan meeting the unique demands of these industrial applications. 

PSA Nitrogen Generator Systems Capabilities

All our on-site nitrogen gas generator systems are equipped with an integrated touch screen for easy operation and monitoring. The touch screen provides controls, alarms, maintenance messages, and even an integrated oxygen analyser for real-time purity monitoring down to the PPM level if needed.

Our standard controls operate the nitrogen gas generator alone, but it also has the capability to control compressors for a streamlined and integrated system operation. If desired, our systems can be programmed and configured for remote monitoring and control, as well as complete integration into plant DCS (Distributed Control System).

Nitrogen Generation Technology and Applications