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PRODUCT 4000cfm Nitrogen container

EnerMech , a leading oil and gas services company were searching for a supplier capable of building a high pressure, high flow nitrogen container that offered flexibility and local support.

Given OSGS reputation and history in nitrogen container manufacturing, OSGS was commissioned to build EnerMech several 20ft containerised nitrogen generators each delivering 4,000 CFM nitrogen at 95% at 350 PSI.

The packages were designed and built by On Site Gas Systems in Sydney in 2014.

The containers were;

  • Built into a 20ft DNV certified off shore container for offshore operation
  • Capacity of 4,000 CFM nitrogen at 95%
  • 350 PSI working pressure
  • 5 stage high pressure filtration package
  • Glycol¬†high pressure¬†heating system
  • OSGS high pressure membranes

The container is dual power with the option of 240 V AC or 24 V DC power supply, utilised glycol heating circuit for pre-membrane air heating, has fully automated control based on flow or purity, houses an inlet and discharge flow meters and has job flow counters for nitrogen pumping measurement, process oxygen sensors, 2 internal cabin O2 sensors along with a multitude of instrumentation for measuring pressure, temperature and dew point for various inlet condition and outlet condition monitoring.

enermech container C2 pic 1 enermech container C2 pic 3

enermech container C2 pic 4



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