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PRODUCT 750 CFM Nitrogen container

On Site Gas Systems successfully completed construction and commissioning of another low pressure containerised Nitrogen generator.

This nitrogen generator (model NM750) is capable of flows of 750 cfm at 95% purity Nitrogen.

The container is fully automated, is membrane technology based and has been running 24/7 on a coal mine site in Queensland since late 2016.

Some of the system inclusions are:

  • 10ft DNV certified container
  • Integral 4 stage pre filtration
  • Internal electric powered air heater
  • Fully automated control system
    • Flow, pressure, temperature, inlet and outlet pressure dew point monitoring
    • Dual process oxygen analyser
    • Dual internal oxygen detectors (cabin atmosphere monitoring)
  • Multiple delta monitoring for pressure, temperature and dew point for strong system self protection
  • Automated vent for out of spec feed air and out of spec nitrogen production
  • Totally user customisable alarms and set points
  • Multi tier security access levels
  • Internal and external control screens and warning alarms and strobes
  • Fully welded, stainless steel pipe internal pipework



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